How to Create Recurring Events

What are Recurring Events?

Recurring events allow you to send messages, run bots, or start a drip campaign on a schedule you set – daily, weekly, monthly, or custom. This feature is great for things like weekly check-ins with your team, an invitation to a weekly webinar or training, a reminder for customers to take advantage of a recurring monthly promotion, and more. 

Set up a Recurring Event

Recurring events can only be created on desktop, tablets, or from the web browser on your phone. Go to Shout.app in order to create a recurring event on your phone.

1. Click on Automations in the left navigation to show a drop down menu

2. Click Recurring (https://www.shout.app/recurring_events)

3. Click the blue button at the top left of the screen

4. Make sure to click the switch that says Enabled to enable your recurring event. If the switch isn't on, your recurring event won't send.

5. Name your recurring event.  This will only be visible to you and those you share your bot with, so pick a name that will help you remember what it does and how to use it.

6. Select an action. Choose the action that you’d like to repeat. There are three to choose from:

  • Send a message
  • Run a bot
  • Run a drip campaign

Use the message composer to write your recurring message, or select a bot or drip from the dropdown menus.

7. Select a Service. Decide which service you want your messages to send from. Services include:

  • Shout-to-Shout (S2S)
  • Facebook or Instagram
  • Customer Service number
  • Marketing number

  • To run a bot or drip campaign, the service you select in your recurring event must be enabled on your bot or drip too.
  • Shout can automatically use S2S messaging for your Shout contacts and text services for everyone else – saving you message segments.

8. Click on Set.

9. Choose the time of day for the action.

10. There are five options for scheduling:

  • Daily – every day or alternating days
  • Weekly – by certain days each week
  • Monthly – by day of the month or day of the week
  • Yearly – the same date each year
  • Custom – specific dates and times

Set how many times the action will repeat:

  • Forever – until you manually remove it
  • Specific Date – until the date set
  • After ‘n’ Times – until the action has run a set number of times 

11. Click Done when you are finished setting up recurring event time and day specifications.

12.  Click on Select Recipients.

13. Click select to include or exclude certain Contacts, Lists, or Tags from receiving the recurring message.

14. Make sure to click the save button.


Move individual contacts in and out of lists to make your automated messages easy to manage. For example, create a “weekly encouragement” list that gets a weekly message designed to keep them motivated.

15. Click Save at the top of the page to save your recurring event.

How to Edit or Delete Your Recurring Event

1. Click on Automations in the left navigation to show a drop down menu

2. Click Recurring

3. Click on the . . . next to the recurring event you want to edit or delete.


  • Edit a recurring event by clicking ••• and selecting Edit

  • Delete recurring events by clicking ••• and selecting Delete

  • Assign contacts, lists, or tags to a recurring event by clicking ••• and selecting Manage Recipients

  • Disable a recurring event by clicking ••• and selecting Disable

  • Use bot actions to assign contacts to a recurring event automatically

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