How to Upload Your Contacts to the Mobile App

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Shout is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and organizes all your contacts in one place. You can store important information about each contact – conversations, preferences, birthdays – making it easy for you to keep track and take care of your customers and your team.  And you can now upload contacts directly from your phone into the Shout app. 

  • Open the mobile Shout App on your phone
  • Go to the Contacts page by clicking the Contacts Icon on the bottom navigation
  • Click the Arrow button in the top righthand corner
  • When Shout asks if you allow access to your contacts, click Allow
  • Tap the Add button to add your phone contact as a Shout Contact
  • Tap Chat to send them a message from your Shout Account
  • Tap Invite to send them a link to create a Shout account
  • Click the Friends on Shout tab to see contacts in your phone that also use Shout. Shout finds your friends by matching a phone number or email address from your phone contact against a public Shout Profile. You can manage what is used to match you on Shout from your privacy settings.
  • Unlike some chat apps, Shout doesn't automatically add all of the contacts from your phone to your Shout account.  To add a contact from your phone to your Shout Contacts, you'll need to tap add.  
  • Not all Shout Contacts are available to chat with in the app.  If you'd like to message with someone who does not already have a Shout account, you can upgrade to add a phone number to your Shout account.  Once you have a phone number, you can text message with any Shout Contact that has a phone number.


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