How to Create a Broadcast List

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What is a Broadcast List?

A Broadcast List allows you to create a dynamic list of people using lists, tags, or contacts, and then use that list to send a broadcast message, run a bot, or start a drip campaign to a large number of people at the same time. For example, you can create a broadcast list called "Team" that includes all the contacts from your account that belong to your "Team Blue", "Team Yellow", and "Team Green" lists and all the people that have the tag "Awaiting Team Color".  

Recipients of a broadcast message receive the message as a direct message from you.  You can send a broadcast message from a Broadcast List with any service including, Shout to Shout, Customer Service, or your Marketing number.  You can include or exclude lists, tags, and even specific contacts. This is the perfect way to message customers, VIPS, and even family members with a custom message or to start a bot or drip campaign.

  • Click on Broadcasts
  • Click on the blue
  • Name the Broadcast List, add a photo, and description
  • Click on Next

  • Click on Recipients
  • From the recipients page, click on Select and choose to include or exclude lists, tags, and  specific contacts. This makes it easy to fully customize your Broadcast List and reach a very specific audience.
  • Click on Save


In this example, we have included a specific contact, and excluded the VIP tag. 

  • Click on the + next to the list you want to send a message to
  • Click on Send Broadcast Message  

You can also choose to run a bot, run a drip campaign, or create a recurring event.

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