How to Upload and Manage Contacts

Shout is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and organizes all your contacts in one place. You can store important information about each contact – conversations, preferences, birthdays – making it easy for you to keep track and take care of your customers and your team.

How to Build a Contact Profile

The contact profile is a source of valuable information – details about who they are, what they care about, and how you’re interacting with them. 

  • Click on People in the left navigation to show a drop down menu
  • Click Contacts
  • Select a Contact. A profile window will open, and from here you can:

    • See details about your contact – Shout username, phone numbers, emails, address, birthday, and profile photo
    • Add your contact to a channel
    • Add your contact to lists

    • See your contacts social accounts

    • Add tags 

    • Add contact notes 

    • See upcoming scheduled messages 

    • See and schedule recurring events

    • Run a bot

    • Run a drip campaign

    • Create new orders

    • View order history

    • Create a shipping label

How to Upload Contacts

There are four ways to upload contacts. 

Option 1: Manually Load your Contacts

If you only have a few contacts, this is the quickest way: 

  • Click on People in the left navigation to show a drop down menu
  • Click Contacts
  • Click the blue button at the top left of the screen

  • Enter contact information 
  • Click Create Contact

To add a S2S contact, enter their Shout username in the new contact window.

Option 2: Import a List of Contacts (CSV)

If you already use PayPal or a distributor back-office, exporting your contacts from that system will be the simplest way to add them to Shout. To add your contacts to Shout:

  • Click on People in the left navigation to show a drop down menu
  • Click Contacts
  • Click on Upload CSV in the top lefthand corner

  • Click Download CSV Template (skip to Choose File if you have your own CSV file to upload)

  • Import your contact information to Shouts CSV template 
  • In the CSV, add a column for Lists or Tags. Include a comma separated list for the Lists and Tags you want your contact to be apart of. 
  • Click Choose File 
  • Optional: Add contacts to a list
  • Optional: Add contacts to a channel

  • Click Upload CSV

Watch a video on how to do a CSV import here

Option 3: Use Conversation Bots to Collect New Contact Information

Every time a new person interacts with you via a Conversation bot you can choose to create a contact profile for them. More on Conversation bots here 

Bots can build your contact lists as you go – a great way to get started if you have a large email list or social following, but not many of your customer’s phone numbers. 

Option 4: One-Click Import from Square

If you already use Square for invoicing, then you can connect it to Shout to send invoices via text and import your contacts directly.

  • Click the black arrow at the top right of the screen to show a drop down menu
  • Click Settings
  • Under Invoicing, click Square
  • Connect to your Square account, following the on screen instructions
  • When your account is connected, the Square settings page will show a button that says Import Square Customers

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    When a customer placed a order from me , will shout inform me, and then I add their information?

    • Mary Smith If they text into your Shout number, you'll see their message come through in your Shout Inbox. 

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