How to Use Shout for Your Business

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Shout is an all-encompassing tool that will handle your business tasks from top to bottom. From storing contact information, to automating conversations and tracking your shipments, let Shout save you and your business hours spent each day. 

Which Plan Should I Choose?

Since you will be messaging customers by texting their cell phones, you will need to be on a paid Shout account to do so. The best two options for using Shout for your business are either the Basic or Pro plan.

The Basic Plan

The Basic Plan gives you access to every Shout feature, and adds a Customer Service phone number to your account. The Customer Service number is now your new business number that you can use for all one-on-one communication for your customers. 

The Pro Plan

The Pro Plan has all the exact same features as the Basic Plan, but with two major differences: a toll-free (Marketing) number and priority support. Marketing Numbers are our way of combatting cell phone carriers spam rules, and allow you to message large lists of contacts all at once. Learn more about the difference between a Customer Service and Marketing number here

1. Core CRM

Shout's CRM feature allows you to collect and save contact information for all of the contacts in your account. Utilize this information in your business to send out Birthday Alerts, remember information about the customer's favorite product, and more. 

Lists and Tags are a vital feature of Shout's core CRM.  You can organize your contacts by customer status, location met, etc.

2. Direct Messaging

Not only can you one-on-one message your customers' cell phones with your Shout phone number, you can also connect a Facebook page and Instagram account to your Shout Inbox. This way, you can funnel all of your business messaging into one convenient Shout Inbox, and save tons of time not scrambling back and forth between multiple inboxes. 

3. Broadcast Messaging 

Broadcast Messaging a List allows you to send the same message to many contacts at once. Send special offers to your customers anytime there is a new promotion or product launch. The message sends to each person individually, so it's like a personal text from you every time which you only have to type out once. 

4. Automations

Bots, Drips, and Recurring Events are each designed to save you time by automating the conversations and processes you have every single day.  You can use automations to collect orders, send out challenges and follow ups, and weekly reminders. 

5. Orders & Invoicing

Shout Orders provide a way to manage your entire order process in one place. You get paid faster, save time, and can utilize better, more efficient follow ups. Automatically text invoice links through Square, or manually with whichever payment platform you currently use. 

6. Shipping 

Shout Shipping allows you to buy and print shipping labels from your home or office, saving you trips to the Post Office. You will always get the lowest USPS rates possible with Commercial Plus Postage. Plus, shipping alerts sent through text keep your customers in the know and provide you with the best customer service around. 

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