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Sammy's business is growing and so is her team! She created an affiliate program where other entrepreneurs can launch their own businesses under her brand. She uses Shout to communicate and collaborate with her team.

Follow along to learn how Sammy onboards new team members, updates her team about product launches, and keeps the team's training campaigns organized in Shout.

Things you should have already done

  • Create a Shout account
  • Gather all onboarding content and information to provide to team members

Sammy's Work Flow

Follow along with Sammy

Sammy needed a way to automate her onboarding system for new members joining her team. She loved that Shout could do this for her in just a few simple steps and then handle all of her onboarding from thereon out.

Sammy created a new Chain Bot and populated it with all of her current onboarding processes. Now, when she sends new team members her invite link, it starts her Onboarding Bot for them right away, and she can track their progress at each step. 

Because Facebook has been causing issues in her team, like not everyone seeing her posts and constantly trying to avoid Facebook jail, Sammy was desperate for a different way to manage her team communication. She loved the idea of being able to manage all of her team messaging and communication in its entirety in one location. Plus, she had no problem getting her team to sign up for Shout since it was free and they didn't have to pay a cent!

She started a Group Chat in her Shout account, sent an invite link out to all of her team members to join, and now sends all updates, reminders, and important messages straight into the Group Chat. Everyone in the chat sees the messages right away, and she doesn't stress daily about the Facebook algorithm blocking her posts anymore.  

Once Sammy had her onboarding and updating systems in place, she realized it was important to have a way to create and share training and information campaigns with the rest of her team.

Anytime there is a new product drop, promotion, or training happening with her business, she simply creates a Drip Campaign for it, and then shares the entire campaign with her team through an Invite Link. 

Invite Links have saved Sammy HOURS every day! They bundle together whatever content she wants to share and then automatically adds it to her team member's accounts after they click on her link.

Sammy created an Invite Link that automatically runs her Onboarding Bot, adds the contacts into her Group Chat, and shares some Drip Campaigns right away. Sammy posted her Invite Link on her team Facebook page, and invited all of her fellow team members to create an account by clicking on her link.

Import Templates

Click on the following link to import all items from this tutorial directly into your Shout account: https://www.shout.app/p/f/f_1p29hvrspapi50thk0518r8wo06o

To learn how to add these items into your account, click here

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