Shipping Labels for Users on Free Accounts

Shipping Labels can now be purchased on the Shout-to-Shout plan without needing to upgrade. Click here to learn how to purchase shipping labels. 

Shipping Text Alerts

Set up text alerts on the free plan to easily send invoices, receipts, and shipping alerts to your customers via text. 

Your account will be assigned a local business phone number unique to you for a small monthly service fee of $1.50, and you can prepay for text messages at a rate of $6.00 for 500 credits. This fee will be deducted from your prepaid text message credits at the end of your billing month for as long as you have the Customer Service number. More credits will be automatically charged if you run out. The monthly service fee for the phone number will be waived if you purchase additional text message credits or a shipping label during the billing month.

You phone number may only be used to send invoice and shipping alerts. Your contacts will be able to message your assigned Customer Service Number and you'll see their messages in your inbox. However, you will not be able to respond without upgrading to a paid plan.

How to Set Up Shipping Text Alerts

  • Click Upgrade Now 
  • A modal will pop up with information about upgrading to have text alerts, after reading click Continue

  • Select your desired state
  • Confirm your email and enter your billing information
  • Click Save and Finish

How to Disable Shipping Text Alerts

You can disable text alerts at any time. Doing so will release your Customer Service number. If you enable text alerts again, a new phone number may be assigned to your account.

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Services, and then choose Texting
  • Under the "Text Alerts" section, click Disable Text Alerts
  • Click Yes

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