How to Customize a Community on Mobile

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You can customize your community to include multiple group chats and links to community assets such as photos, folders, and invite links. Through the public page,  you can manage what information is publicly available and what information is only available within the community.

Customizing a Community

  • Tap on Communities and click on the Name of the Community you want to customize
  • Next to community description, tap on Edit

  • Add a description to the community and tap on Save

  • From the Info tab, tap on Edit 

  • Tap on Edit Community

  • Tap on Add Cover Photo, select a photo, and tap on Save

  • Tap on the wheel icon to access your Public Page settings

  • Toggle the switch to allow a Public Page

Having a public page makes your community searchable by google search engines.

  • Add a customized URL address for your Public Page ex. Sammy's Shades Community
  • Select who can Follow this Community: Anyone can Follow, Request to Follow, Invite Only
  • Anyone Can Follow means any user can join the community.
  • Request to Follow means any user can request to follow the community. The editor of the community can approve members to join. The editor of the community can also require up to 3 questions and a file upload, such as a photo of your team ID, to join the community.
  • Invite Only means an editor of the community must invite a user to join the community.

  • Manage Visible Content for the Public Page for members, links, and group chats. There are three settings available: Hidden, Community Followers Only, and Public.
  • Hidden means no one can view the content except for the editor(s) of the community.
  • Community Followers Only means only community followers can view the content from the public page.
  • Public means the content is available for anyone to view.
  • Make sure to click Save

  • Tap on the Group Chats tab to manage the group chats in your community
  • Tap on Add to add more chats to your community

  • Tap on the name of the group chat(s) you want to be part of the community
  • Tap on Add 

  • Tap on the Links tab to view or add Links to your community
  • Tap on Add to add new links

  • Select a Type of Content - Upload File, Web URL, Group Chats, Communities, Invite Links, or Folders

  • Upload a file - Select the Media Source and select media to upload 

  • Name the media and tap on Save

  • Redirect URL Community Link - Name the link,  add a Redirect URL, and tap on Save 

The redirect URL can't have any specialty characters such as apostrophes.

  • Add existing Shout content, such as folders, to your community
  • Select the name of a folder and tap on add
  • The photo below shows an example of  different link types 

  • Tap on the Followers tab to manage your followers
  • Tap on Add to add more of your Shout to Shout followers

  • Tap on the name(s) of the contacts you want to add 
  • Tap on Add 

You can also tap on Invite to Community via Link to send a link to your community, through another app, such as your email.

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