How to Manage Contacts and Lists (Mobile)

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Shout is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and organizes all your contacts in one place. You can store important information about each contact – conversations, preferences, birthdays – making it easy for you to keep track and take care of your customers and your team.

  • You can upload a list of contacts from your desktop. 

Managing Contacts

  • Access contacts from the people icon in the bottom navigation 

  • Sort contacts by View All or Favorites

  • Tap on the contact profile to:

    • See your conversation thread

    • View and edit notes, details, or activity

    • Add channels, tags, lists

  • Tap ••• next to a specific contact to:

    • Send a message

    • Run a bot

    • Run drip

    • View profile

    • Make notes

    • Edit contact details

    • Add to your favorites 

    • Mute

    • Block 

    • Delete

  • Use the search bar for quick access to a contact.

Managing Lists

Create a list when you want to send the same message to many contacts. Assign contacts to various lists based on how you want to communicate with them (e.g., VIP, Customer, Prospect). With Shout lists, you begin a unique conversation with each contact in the list at the same time. 

  • Access lists from the people icon in the bottom navigation

  • Tap Lists to access and edit:

    • All lists

    • Favorite lists

    • Scheduled messages

    • Recurring events

  • Tap list ••• to:

    • Send a message

    • Run a bot

    • View list

    • Edit list

    • Favorite list

    • Delete list

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