How Messages are Counted and Billed

What are Message Credits?

Each message you send from your customer service or marketing number is measured in groups of characters, called credits. A Shout subscription includes varying message credits a month, depending on what paid plan you are on. 

Number of Credits Included With Each Paid Plan:

1. Pay as You Go: $5 a month - $0.04 a message/rollover credit, Local Number

2. Basic: $14 a month -  750 rollover credits, Local Number

3. Pro: $24 a month - 1,000 rollover credits, Local & Toll Free Number

4. Business: $100 a month - 5,000 rollover credits, Local & Toll Free Number

All Shout-to-Shout (S2S), Facebook, and inbound messages are free and don’t use any of your allotted message segments. Responding to inbound text messages are also free. Text messages sent by Shout automations such as Birthday Alerts, Order Follow Ups, Broadcast Messages, Recurring Events, Shipping Label Tracking Messages, Bots, Drips and Chains are all messages that cost one credit per a message. However, anytime you are directly messaging an individual via text, it is also free. Scheduling a direct message to a contact is also free.

Unused message segments roll over month to month.

How are Message Segments Counted? 

Every message composer includes a segment counter which adds up as you type so you know how many segments a message is using. The number of segments used in each message depends on how long the message is and how many people receive it. The number of segments a message is does not effect the cost. However, we recommend you do not send too long of messages, so the message goes through the cell carrier correctly and you don't get your message marked as spam.

  • For more information on how to use Customer Service and Marketing Numbers, click here.

Individual Messages

The number you see in the segment counter will be the number of segments used.

Group Messages

Group messages start individual conversations, so segments are counted for each member of the group. A 2 segment message sent to 5 contacts would use 10 segments (2x5=10).


Each question in a conversation bot has a segment counter. These messages are counted like other individual messages.

  • Emojis use up more segments than regular text
  • Make your messages short and concise
  • Images only use one segment

How to Track My Message Credit Usage

  • Log in to the Shout.app on your desktop or tablet
  • Click the black arrow at the top right of the screen to show a drop down menu
  • Click Settings
  • Under General, select Usage


What if I Exceed My Monthly Message Credits?

If you exceed your monthly credits, Shout automatically credits your account with 500 more credits that roll over month-to-month. This credit package costs between $10-15, depending on what plan you are on, and are billed to your card on file.  Additional credits are $0.03 a credit for the Pay as Go Plan. Additional credits are only $0.02 a credit for the Basic, Pro, and Business Plan.

Fun fact – 500 message segments cost the same as 20 postcard stamps. Shout users tell us those segments are worth every penny. 

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