How to Create and Use Short Links


Short links replace lengthy links. They are permanent links to URLs. They save you characters when you need to send long URLs via text.

Create a Short Link

  • Click on Sharing in the left navigation to show a drop down menu
  • Click Short Links 

  • Click the blue + button at the top left of the screen

  • Short Link Name - This name will only be visible to you, so pick something that will help you remember what the link is for.
  • Copy the URL of the website into the Redirect URL box
  • Click Create Short Link

  • Your Short Link is now listed on the page


  • URL links will redirect a contact to another URL that you want to share
  • Save a link that always stays the same to an online catalog or PDF, so any link you’ve sent will be current
  • Save a link to your Facebook group or online profile to keep it handy when you need it


Create a Short Link from the Message Composer

  • Click on the Short Links icon below the message composer

  • Click New Link

  • Name your link
  • Insert your URL
  • Click Create & Insert


Send a Short Link

  • Send a short link from any message composer by selecting the Link icon in the message thread and choosing Short Links from the list. 

  • You can then select the Short Link you'd like to send in the pop up window.

  • Click on the red arrow icon to send the Short Link.

Edit a Short Link 

  • Click on Sharing in the left navigation to show a drop down menu
  • Click Short Links 
  • Click on the Short Link that you would like to edit or click on the . . . next to the Short Link

  • Edit your link as desired
  • Click Save Changes


Shout File Links are permanent links to uploaded files or media. 

  • Save a link to files or media you send out regularly to customers or team members.
  • To learn more about Shout File Links, click here for the tutorial.
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