How to Use the Message Composer Features


You can access all kinds of Shout's features from the message composer – quick responses for frequently asked questions, attach files and pictures, include short links and share links, run bots, and schedule messages. 

Choose a Service to Send Your Message

You can send your message from various channels – Customer Service or Marketing number, Facebook Business page, or Shout-to-Shout (S2S). If you don’t have a Customer Service or Marketing number, see how to upgrade your account.


Create Quick Responses for Frequently Asked Questions

Get the same questions over and over? Save your common answers as templates allowing you to reply quickly. Access your quick responses from the message composer. 

Quick responses replace all text in the composer, so insert them before you start typing. 


Use Shout Nouns to Personalize Messages

Have Shout automatically fill in your customer's name, birthday, etc. 


Attach Files

You can attach images, PDFs, or other files to your messages. 

  • Attachments must be less than 20MB.
  • If you attach a JPEG, PNG, or TIF image you can choose to send them via MMS or Shout short link. Learn more about sending MMS messages here.
  • Gif images must be smaller than 300k to send as an image, otherwise they will be sent as a link.


Use Share Links to Share Your Work

Share Links are a simple way to share your work with other Shout users – ideal for onboarding new team members and sharing your workflow. Learn more about how to create share links here.   

Share links will also act as a referral link for new Shout users, giving you credit for the referral.


Use Short Links to Save Characters

Short links are a great way to save characters (and message segments) in long URLs, or link directly to a file you want to reference often (e.g. a monthly calendar). Insert a short link you’ve created previously, or create a new URL short link directly from the composer. Learn more here.

Short links are currently only available on desktop or tablets.


Run a Bot

If a contact wants to engage with you, but you’ve got a bot to handle it, tap the bot name and let Shout do the rest. Read more here.


Schedule Messages

Save time and stay on top of customer or team communication by scheduling messages in advance. After composing your message, select the icon to schedule when you want your message to send.

Want to send your message at a scheduled time? After drafting your message, select the Schedule button.

View Message Length Using the Segment Counter

Stay on top of how many segments you're using with the message segment counter. For more information on how segments are counted and billed, go here.


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