How to Edit a Drip Campaign

1. Click on Automations.

2. Click on Drips under the automations drop down menu. (https://www.shout.app/drip_campaigns)

3. Click on the . . . next to the name of the drip you would like to edit.

4. From the drop down menu, click on Edit.

5. When editing your drip campaign, the first thing to double check is Drip Status. Make sure Active is selected. If Pause is selected, your drip will not run.

6. You can make any need changes, including changing the name of your drip, description, add or remove trigger words, add messages,  and add actions.

7. Another thing to double check is that the correct services are selected. If you want to send your drip campaign, through Shout to Shout, Customer Service, and Marketing, make sure to check the box next to each service listed underneath Select Services. 

If you ever receive an error that says "blank outlet", that means you don't have that service selected in your drip campaign settings. 

7. Finally, make sure to click Save to save any changes made to the drip campaign.

  • For a tutorial on how to send a drip campaign to a list, click here.
  • For a tutorial on how to send a drip campaign to an individual, click here.
  • For a tutorial on how to send a drip campaign via a broadcast message, click here.
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